Typography Tips

This is the TypoTips series, exploring practices that make for good typography. Enjoy!

01 Kerning is a must as the form of certain letter combinations can give the illusion of increased 
or lesser spacing. The rule of thumb is to use one's eye to determine good kerning (If it don't look right, it probably ain't right). 

02 Leading is controlling the spaces between rows of copy in a layout.  Tight leading makes
body of text appear cluttered to the reader's eye and discourages them from reading. Likewise, 
if the rows of copy are too far apart it breaks the rhythm and flow from line to line and may also discourage further reading.

03 Regular use of one typeface can often make a design blend, that's why it's important to introduce contrast in the form of different weights (i.e. bold & light) and or contrasting form 
(i.e. a bold slab serif typeface paired up with a flourishing script).  

04 Whether it's to the left, right, centered or justified, alignment creates a sense of order and makes for a comfortable reading experience. So you best get that type lining up. 

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